Athens Nights

IMG_3620There are certain locations that are just perfect for certain events and the Roman Agora in Athens makes a wonderful setting for music and song.  And when the full moon is shining overhead, well, that just creates magic.

Alexandra Gravas was generous to offer a free evening of song to the Athenians. She is of Greek descent and it must have meant a lot to her, standing in the marketplace where Greeks and Romans traded their goods two thousand years ago in the shadow of the ancient rock.

Thinking about this, I feel it would be mean spirited of me to offer any commentary on the evening other than to say how lucky we felt to be sitting under the lights of the Acropolis on a warm, late summer evening listening to some well known (and not so well known) songs from around the world.

The city of Athens offers many events like this throughout the year and it’s always worth keeping an eye out on the City of Athens and Livin’ Lovin’ websites.

For more on the concert, watch the video below:


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