The Museum of Illusions

It certainly wasn’t your average sunny late September day. The anticipated Medicane was battering western Greece and torrential rain was threatening to keep us indoors all day. My sister and her husband were visiting and it seemed a shame to waste time at home so we headed down to central Athens to see what the newly opened Museum of Illusions was all about.

This place can bring out the playful child that lurks in most of us as all of the museum’s exhibits are interactive. Here, you can become a dwarf or a giant and have your head served up on a platter if you are so inclined!

All of the exhibits play with our sense of perception and make us realise quite how much our brain can trick us into seeing what isn’t really there. For instance, doesn’t one of the two lines pictured here look longer than the other?It isn’t, of course, or else it wouldn’t have made it into the museum!

Ideal for families, fun for anyone, this little museum at the bottom of Ermou Street is definitely a great addition to Athens attractions. It is open 10am to 10 pm daily and has a 9 euro entrance fee (concessions for families).

Museum of Illusions


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