Cool Lime Time

Sometimes navigating the streets of Athens can be a bit like a scary video game. Potholes, trees, badly parked cars, aggressive drivers and slippery sidewalks all seemingly ‘out to get you’ can make it a bit of a nightmare for the uninitiated.

Since late January, there’s a cool new way to get around town that might provide the eco friendly, gentle way to play the around Athens survival game! Lime electric scooters are popping up everywhere and offer a hop on, hop off alternative form of transport through the busy streets.

They are easy to find and easy to use. Download the Lima app and GPS tracking will help you find the nearest free scooter. Scan the barcode on the scooter and then ride away for just one euro and 0.15 cents a minute. Drop off the scooter anywhere when you are finished, what could be simpler?

It’s great to see that Athens is trying to find eco friendly solutions to its horrible traffic and pollution problems. We have a long, long way to go but at last, we seem to be getting on the right track. Maybe we’ll win the game, crush the candies and see Kratos slay all the ungodly minions!



    • I wonder if the Australian ones are tangerine and the Swedish ones grapefruit? 😉 People have told me they have them in those countries too but they didn’t mention the colours!


  1. Hey,

    You said, “Download the Lima app and GPS tracking will help you find the nearest free scooter.” But, how could I know about coverage in my area?


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