About Athens Living


hello there,

First of all, thank you for visiting Athens Living Diaries. Many of you might remember athensliving.net, a site I started over ten years ago based on video content and aimed at promoting all the unusual, positive and creative aspects of this wonderful country.

I am not the most organised of people and, after forgetting to pay for my domain name and host server, the Athens Living website disappeared.  Since then, countless blogs, websites and news outlets have sprung up, all looking at this country and trying to support it through the financial crisis in various ways.

The vast proliferation of english language sites since I started video blogging made me think “why be bothered anymore?” The effort of filming, editing and creating a weekly video seemed to be too much for too little response (even though I did appreciate the hundreds of loyal Athens Living friends who gave tremendous support and commented frequently) and I stopped posting anything at all for quite a while.

Then I remembered this blog! I transferred some files here a couple of years ago and then forgot about them. Now I think I will continue to add content when the mood strikes. That might be written, video or photographic additions but whatever the media, I hope it appeals to you and you keep commenting and coming back to Athens Living Diaries.


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